Thank you for everything but especially for the physical therapy. When I arrived I couldn’t move. Two weeks later I was well on the mend thanks to all of you.
Robert P.
The staff at Arlington Court is exceptional. I felt every person who cared for me – the nurses, CNAs and physical therapists were all kind, patient and professional. They always asked me if there was anything I needed. my experience with Arlington Court was very positive and I am so grateful I was able to do my post-op recovery there.
Rose Mary P.
I commend all the staff at Arlington Court for their part in seeing that my stay there was great in helping me recoup form surgery. Staff, nurses, aides and physical therapists are awesome! I would recommend your facility to my family and friends.
Nancy S.
All people, from nurses to aides to housekeepers were friendly and able to perform their work with expertise. The PT’s were outstanding in their quest to make my therapy the best for my condition. A shout-out to Surbrina and Kim (aides); and Andrea (RN) for extra special care. I left knowing that I would be able to continue to improve at home. Thanks so much Arlington Court.
RJ. K.
I was admitted after a one week stay at Riverside, subsequent to an automobile accident. When I arrived I could not get out of bed. Thanks to Dr. Lewe, the nursing staff, PT and OT, I walked out on my own in less than three weeks.
Elizabeth C.
The nursing floor staff are very friendly and efficient. The therapists share a comaraderie that motivates the patients in their exercises. I am very appreciative of the care I received. Arlington Court provides a relaxing environment to heal and rest.
Betty C.
My two weeks of rehabilitation at Arlington Court were vital to my recovery from total knee replacement. Everyone from Dr. Lewe, nurses, aides, PT, OT, janitorial services were kind, caring and professional. I felt well taken care of and safe. I am extremely grateful to everyone, but especially to the following people: PT/OT Debbie, Emma, Aperna, Dave, Dan, Maria and Molly. Nurses: Stacey, Karrie, Deidre, Lisa, Kerrie, Andrea. Nurse Aides: Yolanda, Terri, Peggy, Matt. Janitorial: Lisa.
Rebecca N.
I am grateful and thankful for the care I received at Arlington Court. Thank you all.
Melanie N.
A very good and professional facility.
Seth V.
Very nice. If I have to go to the hospital again, I will definitely come to Arlington Court.
Lee M.
I would recommend this SNF to anyone. My room was large and comfortable. The nurses were outstanding, cleaning personnel were pleasant and friendly. Physical and occupational therapy girls were a pleasure to work with. I wish I could remember all of their names, but Chelsie, Megan and Molly stand out. Thank you for your care.
Roger B.
Front office = 10, Social Services = 10, DON = 10, All Nursing = 10, Meals = 10, Enviromental Services = 10, Therapy = 10. I would recommend this center, above expectations for quality of care and services.
Doris S.
I received very courteous and professional care. I cannot say enough positive about the entire staf. I will be getting a second knee replacement and will be returning to the facility.
Susan L.
Well run and helpful facility, nurses and therapists of the highest caliber. Administrator will try suggestions and is highly cooperative. Would definitely recommend!
Robert H.
When I arrived at Arlington Court from Dublin Hospital, I was not sure why I was here. I soon found Gabby and Betty to be my best friends. Gabby made me feel secure and safe even though I fought to go home. They cared for my well being and for that I am eternally grateful.
Gordon I.
While I have been staying at Arlington Court, my stay has been excellent. They took good care of me. I am anxious to get back home to Avia. If you want perfect care, come here, don’t hesitate.
Barbara B.
 I have never stayed at a “rehab” facility before but I visited two/three different ones to see friends and I was basically very disappointed. So at first I decided not to stay at one. But after visiting Arlington Court and staying there for 10 nights, I changed my opinion. It is the next best thing to staying at your own house. Everybody I met there was extremely helpful and in a sense wonderful.
M. Guha
Thank you for taking such good care of me and rehabbing me.
Donna G.
I would highly recommend Arlington Court. Great Physical therapy services. I will let people know about you.
Stephanie W.
This was the best place for me. Especially because of Tamara in the physical therapy department.
Sally L.
Due to my husband’s hospitalization and surgery at the same time as mine, I needed post op help as well as he did. Everyone who helped us was cheerful, positive, helpful and may I add amazing. I felt very much cared for.
Mary H.
Arlington Court, where I went after surgery proved to be a humbling and satisfying facility. My stay proved to be a healing time of mind and body and the therapy I received was first class. It allowed me to go home quicker than anticipated.
Cecilia S.
Your entire physical therapy and nursing staff was outstanding.
James M.
I was very satisfied.
Dorothea R.
My wife almost passed away twice. She made a full recovery due to the excellent staff.
Jon C.
The staff was really helpful! They went out of their way to make sure I was well taken care of.
Rosellen R.
Everyone has been very kind. Your staff all deserves an A+ ! I am very impressed by how friendly everyone is. The nurses and Aides have been very attentive. I really enjoy everyone on the PT team they are helping me make a lot of progress. I have been able to walk unassisted. I don’t care for your coffee.
Toby H.