Shannon Neiswonger
Admissions Director
Arlington Court Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center

What to Expect After You’re Admitted

admittedYou or your loved one just admitted to a skilled nursing facility and now you are trying to figure out what comes next. This is just one stop on your journey to recovery. At a skilled nursing facility, you will be evaluated by a licensed therapist within your first 48 hours of admission.  After the therapist evaluates you, they will determine a specialized therapy program designed specifically for you. They will help you determine your goals during your stay then help you achieve them. You will also been seen by the nursing team to determine what nursing needs you have and help you manage them. The nursing team will also design a care plan just for you so we can make sure that you get the care you specifically need. The team will work with you and your family on any training you may require to help you along on your journey to a speedy recovery.

Here at Arlington Court, we take your care as our highest priority. You will be assessed by our therapy team within 24 hours and by our nursing team to determine your needs and goals. They will each develop a plan of care to help you reach your goals.  Our therapy director and director of nursing will meet with you every week day during you stay to make sure you are receiving the absolute best care we can provide.  They will also make sure that you and your family are receiving any training that you should need such as IV management or wound care.  We invite you to come and visit with us to see for yourself the care we provide for our residents and their families.  We are available 7 days a week to answer any questions you should have.  Please feel free to reach at 614-545-2428. We look forward to hearing from you!