Arlington Court News

10 Rules of World Class Customer Service.
World class customer service seeks to provide residents and their families with experiences that are memorable and deeply satisfying.
Rule 1: Smile and be Happy- developing a cheerful demeanor
Rule 2: Put yourself in their shoes- cultivating an empathetic approach
Rule 3: Be positive and proactive- Anticipating problems with a “can do” attitude
Rule 4: Listen, really listen- the key to effective communication
Rule 5: Manners, Manners, Manners- treating residents and their families with respect and dignity
Rule 6: Have an attitude of gratitude- showing genuine thankfulness
Rule 7: feel the need to exceed- going the extra mile
Rule 8: It’s all about the feelings- address the problem and the feelings associated with it.
Rule 9: Take care of each other- Oil the machine and recharge the batteries.
Rule 10: Be passionate- believe in what you are doing.

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