Arlington Court: What makes us different?

Shannon Neiswonger
Admissions Director
Arlington Court Skilled Nursing & Rehab

With over 50 skilled nursing facilities around the Columbus area to choose from, what makes Arlington Court Nursing Center stand out? Well to help answer that question, we asked some people with the inside knowledge.

Arlington Court Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center

Staff Member: Deidre Kennedy

Deidre Kennedy has been an employee at Arlington Court for almost 14 years! She had a friend that worked here as a floor nurse and she interviewed and has been with the company ever since. She has worked several positions from a floor nurse to clinical manager to Case Manager/Liaison and has filled in doing admissions. Deidre has stayed with the company due to the support the company gives all of its employees and the Vrables, who are the owners, treat everyone extremely well. She has been in and out of a lot of facilities on-siting potential residents. I asked her what makes Arlington Court different; she said “First of all it’s a beautiful facility that is well kept.  It feels like family when here. The residents feel that too.  Our number one goal is to make everyone happy and comfortable. When problems arise, we are quick to correct them. Everyone from our owners to the corporate staff to our managers to the floor staff are always willing to assist and do whatever they can to make sure everyone feels at home. “

Resident: Robin Vanover

Robin Vanover has been a short-term resident of ours for a few weeks and says her stay has been excellent.  She said that she didn’t know much about us before admitting but now, since she’s been here, she couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. She says what makes Arlington Court different is the people. Robin says that we are quick to respond and constantly check in to make sure she is comfortable.  The therapists are “hoots” and make every session enjoyable and productive.

My Answer

I think what makes Arlington Court so different is the effort everyone makes to put the resident first and make them comfortable.  I have been with the company for less than a year but I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Where else can you go and see staff doing back flips to make a resident smile; our DON putting on a bear head to go visit a discharged resident to make sure she is doing okay; managers on the floors interacting with all residents as if they were family members; staff that comes in while on their vacation just because they miss the residents. The answer is nowhere else.  I was blown away by the caring and compassionate nature of everyone at Arlington Court. Arlington Court is more than a skilled nursing facility; it is a home with a very interesting and caring family inside. If you don’t believe me, come in and take a look for yourself and see for yourself the love and care Arlington Court has to offer you and your loved one.