Arlington Court is pleased to announce our enrollment in the Long Term Care Pharmacy Partnership Program through the CDC.  This program will provide safe COVID-19 vaccinations for our residents and staff.  The CDC has recommended Healthcare workers and long term care residents as the highest level of priority for the first distribution of the vaccine.  These vaccinations will be offered free of charge to our residents and staff, and your loved ones.

The COVID-19 vaccine is projected to be available later this month pending emergency use authorization by the FDA.  The 2 types of vaccines that are projected to be available in Ohio are Moderna and Pfizer, mRNA type vaccine).  Both will require 2 doses to be given, 3-4 weeks apart.  Trial studies have shown a 95% efficacy rate after the 2nd dose. Less than 10% of those in the trial had any side effects with fatigue being the most common.  No vaccines are 100% effective but this will greatly reduce your risk of getting sick with COVID-19 and spreading the virus.

While mRNA is new in vaccine development, this technology has been used successfully in cancer treatments. The goal of mRNA vaccines is to give your body the tools it needs to fight COVID-19 effectively and/or prevent you from getting it at all.  According to the CDC, mRNA vaccines give cells instruction for how to make proteins that are unique to the virus. Our bodies recognize the protein should not be there and it builds antibodies that will know how to fight the virus if we are infected in the future.

None of the proposed vaccines contain live or killed virus particles like many other vaccines. 2 treatments has been shown to be safe and is required to make sure your body has enough antibodies to fight off COVID-19.

Facility will continue all required precautions and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) after vaccinations are administered per CMS and CDC guidance. Current information suggests that the vaccine takes 4 weeks after the 2nd dose to generate antibodies.

Are you asking yourself, “how do I sign up myself or my loved one for the vaccine”?

As soon as the vaccines have been authorized, our pharmacy partner will contact the facility.  The facility will then begin the consent process for our staff and residents.  It is crucial to make sure that the facility has current contact information and that consents are responded to promptly.

The vaccination clinic dates and times will be announced and posted for residents and staff.  Once we have set times or know more specifics, resident families will be notified.