Fall Prevention

By Gary Burgess, PTA
Therapy Manager
Arlington Court Skilled Nursing & Rehab

Fall PreventionBy now most everyone knows that falls are the number one cause of injury and death in adults over 65. One in three people of the geriatric population fall each year, with substantial amounts of injury and fractures occurring. With the devastating consequences surely people are wondering what can be done to decrease the risk of falls and promote a healthy independence for themselves or elderly loved ones. Here at Arlington Court we treat falls and the prevention thereof with great importance. We meet daily regarding a plethora of factors that culminate to increase fall risk. Factors including weakness, imbalance, medications, and a history of falls are discussed daily between the therapy and nursing staff at Arlington Court Skilled Nursing. We perform weekly screens and assessments on residents who have a recent history of falls. We also perform screens and evaluations every couple months on even those who do not have a fall history to ensure we keep it that way. The staff at Arlington Court Skilled Nursing strives to make appropriate adaptations and accommodations for residents to promote functional independence with safety and decreased risk of falling in mind.  If applicable we provide quarterly therapy episodes to improve strength, ambulation, and balance. We educate patients and families of patients to reduce fall risk and make necessary adaptations.  Our nursing staff performs gradual dose reductions of psychological medications if possible to promote maximized cognitive awareness and potentially reducing fall risk. At Arlington Court, we prioritize resident safety and customer service with each and every admission. Being proactive with decreasing fall risk has profoundly reduced return to hospital and promoted the patients next stop on the journey of life to be the exactly where they want it to be, home.

About Arlington Court

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