Bird of the Month – Bald Eagle
The bald eagle became an American emblem in 1798. Its distinctive brown body and white head are easy to identify soaring high in the sky. The hooked bill, legs, and feet are yellow. A wingspan of
eight feet makes it one of North America’s largest raptors. The eagle’s primary food is fish, although it also feeds on waterfowl and small mammals. It lives near coasts, lakes, and rivers from Alaska to northern Mexico. The life span of a bald eagle averages around 25 years, and pairs mate for life. They work together to build their nests, which can be eight feet across and 11 feet deep. Females produce one to three eggs per year. The competitive young stay in the nest for 10–11 weeks. The white plumage on their head and tail doesn’t develop until they are four or five years old. Once near extinction, bald eagle populations have rebounded, and they are no longer on the endangered species list.

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