“Lights, Camera, Action: Making Movies at Arlington Court”

by Tirzah Wear
Activity Director
Arlington Court Nursing and Rehabilitation

moviesThe activity department at Arlington Court has been in the film-making business since last July. We have produced and released four films since then and they just keep getting better! Two of them are silent films starring the residents. The other two are music videos that capture the life and love we experience here at Arlington Court.

Movie-making, writing scripts and performing is a highly collaborative process. Our residents are part of it all from start to finish. First, we have a brain-storming session where we develop our story. Next, we cast the characters from our resident population. The entire month is then spent making props, costumes, rehearsing and then finally filming. The process gives our elders a common goal and inspires a feeling of excitement throughout the entire building.

moviesWhen the movie is finally edited and complete, we host a “red carpet event”. Our dietary manager provides delicious hors d’oeuvres and sparkling cider. Our residents get a chance to dress-up and walk the red carpet. Family and friends are invited to come and see their family-member shine! It really is a wonderful event. It is so inspiring to see our residents work together to create something special. It means so much to see them take pride in a job well-done.

Many of our residents have never even been in a play, much less starred in a movie! Continuing to explore new things has been proven to reduce memory problems in older adults. What better way to try something new than to put on a costume and become someone else for a while?

Links to our silent films are available on our Facebook page and here on our website. Take a look… And keep your eye out for the next one! “Arlington Court Studios” is currently in production for another new release!