Flower of the Month – Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley, the birth flower for the month of May, got its name from early Christian monks. It probably references a quote from the biblical Song of Solomon: “I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley.” The flower’s Latin name, Convallaria majalis, means “valley” (Convallaria) and “the month of May” (majalis), which probably refers to where it thrives and when it blooms.

These delicate, white, bell-shaped perennials are very fragrant. They signify purity and innocence, and also are said to bring luck in love. For these reasons, they are often the choice for bridal bouquets. When you give these pretty little lilies as a gift, you are saying, “I am humbled by my love for you” or “You’ve made my life complete.” Either way, it’s a lucky lady who receives a bouquet of lily of the valley from her sweetheart.

Weather or Not

May 5 marks the midpoint of spring. It’s no wonder that May is known as the month of mild days. The hottest place to be in the U.S. in May is Miami, Florida, where it averages 79 degrees. The coolest place to live is (you guessed it) Anchorage, Alaska, where the temperature hovers around 46 degrees.

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