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Medicaid Insurance Types

There are a lot of different types of Medicaid. Each one of them covers something different which can be very confusing when it comes to long term care and what is covered. It is not easy when an individual is applying for Medicaid to determine which is the best plan for that individual’s needs.

Traditional Medicaid covers long term care. It will also cover copays if a person is skilled and has another insurance as your primary, for example, Medicare, anthem, Medigold, etc. If a person is staying long term care, then the social security and pension checks will be owed to the facility as a patient liability. If a person only receive an SSI check, then that will not be owed to the facility and that person can keep that monthly check.

Medicaid waiver covers if someone is at an assisted living that accepts Medicaid or out in the community getting assistance from passport. This type of Medicaid can be switched to traditional long term care but it usually takes about three months to get everything switched over but it will still pay in the process.

QMB Medicaid (qualified Medicare beneficiary) pays for the copays when you have Medicare Part A and it will also cover the Part B premiums. This will not cover long term care and if someone is going to switch to long term care, then they will have to go through their case manager. This takes about four months to get the process to go through pending any complications that were brought up at Job and Family services and if the person is eligible.

SLMB Medicaid (specified low-income Medicare beneficiary) only covers the Medicare Part B premiums for someone that has Medicare Part A and has a low monthly income or limited resources. This will not cover any copays or long term care at a facility.

MAGI Medicaid is a Medicaid that is a temporary Medicaid. This Medicaid is a three month Medicaid that will then either put a person in a specific Medicaid plan (Traditional Medicaid, United HealthCare Community plan, MyCare Aetna Medicaid, etc). This plan will pay for a skilled nursing stay and if a person is wanting to stay long term care, they will need to work with their case manager to get them put into a specific Medicaid plan.

Presumptive Medicaid is a Medicaid that offers temporary coverage while they are applying for traditional Medicaid. This plan helps with immediate health care services but there is no guarantee of payment for a facility. The person does get information provided to them to apply for full Medicaid coverage. This can take up to three to six months to get approved just like traditional Medicaid.

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