By Jessica Luckett
Business Office Coordinator
Arlington Court Skilled Nursing & Rehab

The Medicaid Process

The Medicaid process is never easy. It takes months and time to gather information needed and then to get the final approval.

Medicaid Arlington Court

The process is ever changing as well. MyCare Molina and MyCare Aetna have been instituted since 2014. These plans are a managed Medicaid that contracts with both Medicaid and Medicare and either MyCare Molina or MyCare Aetna is managing the Medicaid and Medicare. It works very similar to the traditional Medicare and Medicaid plans. In addition to those changes, the Qualified Income Trust was started in 2016 which is very confusing to everyone. If a person’s income is over $2205 then they will need to open a QIT. This amount will be going up starting on January 1, 2018 to $2250. Unfortunately not all banks offer the QIT so that can be tricky trying to set one up.

Your Medicaid case worker should be able to help you with a list of banks that offer the QIT. Additionally, the allowed amount of money that a resident can have in their account has been increased as well to $2000. This gives the resident money to spend on their funeral costs or any incidentals that they may want or need. This money comes from their social security checks. When receiving a social security check, $50 of that amount is allotted to the resident as an allowance. The rest is owed to the facility and that is called the patient liability. Medicaid will pay the rest of the amount that is owed. At Arlington Court, we have several staff members that are well adverse with the process and can answer any question that residents or family members may have.