By DeeAnn Alatsis
Central Supply Manager / Pharmacy Technician
Arlington Court Skilled Nursing & Rehab


Nutrition is always an important part of our lives. It carries an even greater significance in our lives when someone has had surgery or sustained some sort of injury or when they are at risk of weight loss. Nutritional supplements can be used as one alternative to help maintain dietary requirements to aide in healing or gaining/ maintaining weight. At Arlington Court, we have a registered dietician on staff that  goes over everyone’s dietary needs and makes recommendations to meet each resident’s nutritional requirements. In the Central Supply department, we have several supplements always available based on the dieticians recommendations. We carry supplements to help meet nutritional needs, promote healing and to control blood sugars. Below are a few examples.

Active Protein – dual protein source of hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein – to stimulate wound healing and bone growth – available in both sugar and sugar free varieties

Juven – combination of Arginine and Glutamine-to promote muscle retention and building following an injury or surgery – available as an unflavored powder that is added water or juice

Boost Breeze – whey protein in a juice drink form – available in several “juice” flavors such as peach and berry – convenient  / portable juice box packaging

Med Plus 2.0 – high protein, high calorie drink – aides in wound healing and to help maintain optimum weight to promote wound healing – available in vanilla and butter pecan

Ensure – complete, balance nutrition of calories, protein and fiber – can be in addition to regular diet or as a meal replacement – available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry box cartons

Glucerna – complete, balance nutrition but with unique carbohydrate blends to prevent blood sugar spikes in those with blood sugar concerns – can be in addition to regular diet or as a meal replacement – available in vanilla and chocolate

Again, these are just a few examples of what we typically have in stock. I would also be able to obtain most other formulations that your physician may suggest to benefit your recovery.  Making sure you have the best outcome possible and obtain your full recovery potential is always the most important goal that everyone at Arlington Court strives toward.