We’re Prepared for You

By DeeAnn Alatsis
Central Supply Manager / Pharmacy Technician
Arlington Court Skilled Nursing & Rehab

prepairedYour healthcare depends on a lot of services behind the scenes that you may not be aware of.  For your individual nursing and rehab needs, Arlington Court Nursing and Rehab will anticipate your medical and equipment needs before you arrive to our facility. One of my duties as Central Supply Manager is to look over your admission information prior to your arrival. I look for special equipment needs like a CPAP machine, nebulizers, oxygen concentrators or suction machines that you may require for your care. We have several pieces of equipment that we have readily available. I also have the ability to rent additional equipment that may be needed.

While looking through your admission information, I also determine if you have any special nutritional needs. At our Central Supply, we stock many supplement formulas such as Ensure, Glucerna and Boost to help meet your individual nutritional requirements.  We also carry a wide range of tube feed formulas for those requiring additional forms of supplementation. Again, as with the special equipment needs, I can order most supplements that we do not typically carry before you arrive to our facility so there is no interruption in your treatment.

In addition to making sure your equipment and nutritional needs are anticipated, the staff at Arlington Court Nursing and Rehab will ensure that your room will have what you require for your stay with us. Things from personal care items to special equipment will already be in your room. Please let any staff member know if there is anything you need or would like to make your stay more comfortable!

By anticipating your needs, we make sure that your transition to Arlington Court Nursing and Rehab is seamless. This ensures your health care goals will be met in the best environment for continued your personal improvement.