Tirzah Wear
Activities Director
Arlington Court Skilled Nursing & Rehab

The Sensory Room at Arlington Court

Sensory RoomJune 1st, we introduced our Sensory Room at Arlington Court. It’s been in the works for a few months and we are finally ready to offer relaxing sensory stimulation to our residents! Sensory stimulation is so important for our confused and cognitively-impaired patients. As we age and lose our ability to participate in the activities that once fulfilled us, sensory stimulation becomes the key to life enrichment.  Aromatherapy, music, soothing nature scenes and tactile stimulation can add comfort and calm to residents who are confused, non-verbal and agitated.

The idea of sensory (aka Snoezelen) rooms was born in Denmark in the 1970’s. The concept arose from a study of subjects in a sensory deprived environment. As sensory stimulation was re-introduced, the patients began to overcome many challenges.  By stimulating all of the senses in a subtle and deliberate manner, people with memory issues and even behavior problems were observed to quickly find relaxation and calm.  These simple sensory experiences engage our residents and don’t place demands on their memories to complete tasks. The result is a more relaxed, calm and generally happy individual.

Sensory stimulation occurs with the use of:

Touch: sand gardens, hand massage, stress balls and clays

Taste: We use 100% essential oils in room sprays and infusers, which have been proven to stimulate appetite.

Sight: We use a wide variety of “naturescape” DVD’s and soft lighting to transport our patients to the ocean, the desert or even the rain forest.

Sound: We play a variety of relaxation CD’s, classical music, nature sounds and soft singing.

Smell: Essential oils are used in room sprays, infusers and hand massage.

Sensory RoomWe are already noticing an enormous change in the demeanor of our residents with memory issues and anxiety!  And the room is available at any time to anyone.  Our family members, staff and anyone needing a moment to truly relax can step into our room! Come by and take a journey through your senses with us.

(Activity Director and Licensed Yoga Instructor at Arlington Court Nursing Center)