Arlington Court Cardiac Care

The Cardiac Care Specialty Program

Arlington Court has recognized the need to bridge the gap in the continuum of care as it relates to chronic illness and their specific needs. Arlington Court now provides “The Cardiac Care Specialty Program”.

Program Features:

  • Subacute care and rehabilitation to patients with advanced cardiac diagnosis
  • A designated cardiac care unit
  • Specially trained leadership, interdisciplinary team, support staff and consultants
  • Specific cardiac related assessments, daily weights, specialized diets, rehabilitation, medication monitoring, patient education, lifestyle modification and reporting
  • Cardiology consults with patient cardiologist
  • Evidence based guidelines and protocols
  • Regular staff in-servicing provided by area hospitals and Medical Director

Admission Criteria:

  • Adult Patients Post Acutely Symptomatic from Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Refractive CHF, Post Cardiac Surgery or Procedures
  • Cardiac Medication Adjustments
  • Palliative Care or End Stage CHF and Patients Needing Additional Inpatient Monitoring, Intervention, Care and Education

Caring by Design

At Arlington Court we understand the unique issues that affect both our residents and their families. If you have any questions, please contact Arlington Court today.