Rehabilitation Services Arlington Court

Faster is Always Better When You Want to go Home

After illness or surgery, rehabilitation is an essential component for a successful recovery. Arlington Court’s Rehabilitation Department offers physical, occupational and speech therapy. Therapy services are available to all of our qualifying patients 7 days a week in our spacious therapy gym by a team of dedicated therapists. Our therapist have had professional training to assist you with balance issues, fall prevention, cognitive (awareness) skills, complex medical conditions and incontinence.

  • Post Operative Services
  • Specialized Prosthetic / Orthotic Training
  • Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapist
  • Home Assessments
  • Family and Caregiver Training
  • Modalities “TENS” Unit, Ultrasound and Electrical-Stim
  • Out-Patient Therapy

Arlington Court Rehabilitation Services

Therapy services start immediately and are available 7-days a week.