Tips for Adjusting to a Skilled Nursing Facility

Shannon Neiswonger
Admissions Director
Arlington Court Skilled Nursing & Rehab

Adjusting to Skilled NursingWhether you or a loved one just came from the hospital or home, adjusting to a skilled nursing facility can take some time.  As the Admissions Director, I get asked what can help make the adjustment easier for anyone admitting to our facility. Below are a few of my tips that I provide to new residents and loved ones to help with the adjustment.

  • Bring an item of comfort– We all have a favorite pillow, blanket, cd, picture, etc., that we want with us. Bring it to the facility. Make yourself or loved one as comfortable as they can be.
  • Help the staff get to know you or your loved one– Provide the staff some information that they won’t find in the medical chart such as favorite time of the day, activity, music, food etc.  This will help the staff get to know you or your loved one and make you or your loved one more comfortable during your stay.
  • Look at the activity calendar– By looking over the activity calendar, you might find some activities that are appealing to you or your loved one. Make sure to participate in some of the activities and try an activity that is new to you. This will help get you or your loved one out and about, meet other, and having some fun.
  • Ask questions– Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The staff will gladly answer any questions that you should have whether it is about a medication, therapy, or an activity. The staff is here to help you and make sure that you are comfortable.
  • Give yourself and/or loved one time– Once you get to a new facility, the adjustment does take some time. You and/or your loved one are accustomed to things being a certain way and adjusting often difficult. Give yourself and or your loved one time and give the staff time to get to know you and your preferences. The staff’s goal is to make you comfortable and help you adjust to your new environment.