Farrah Hays
Business Office Coordinator
Arlington Court Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center

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Trust FundsTrust Funds are a convenient way to help handle funds for residents that majority of nursing facilities have. It is held by a long-term care facility that helps residents manage their finances and pay for expenses within the nursing facility, such as care provided, treatments at the in-house beauty shop, outings, and fun activities.

Each resident is offered the chance to set up a trust fund once they’ve arrived in the building by either our business office coordinators Jessica or Farrah or our front desk specialist Gail. These finances are tracked separately, and the nursing home resident or the residents appointed financial representative must approve every transaction involving the money he or she has spent in the trust fund. If in the event the resident leaves the facility for any reason or dies, funds must automatically be returned within 30 days to the resident or the residents estate.

Nursing homes are all required to offer resident trust funds, however they can’t require residents to deposit money into them. Since a nursing home doesn’t have the legal right to manage the resident finances, they must receive express permission from a resident before using the funds for anything. Social security, pension checks, and gifts to residents may be deposited into these accounts.

If a resident chooses to use a trust fund, they still have the right to access his or her bank accounts and financial statements, and approve exactly how every penny he or she places in the trust fund gets used. The homes are also supposed to have protection for trust funds, such as surety bonds. This does exclude patients who are mentally or physically incapacitated, or those who simply want the convenience of having someone else handle their finances while they are in the facility.